How to get even burning cones

Follow these steps for an even burning cone:

1). Evenly pack your pre-rolled cone 

With packNpuff it is EASY to get an evenly packed cone every time. The best method is to add a small amount of plant material then pack it down and repeat the process until you have the size cone you want. 

Check out our video tutorial on using the packNpuff for a visual guide to making an evenly packed cone.

2). “Toast the foot” before puffing. BE PATIENT!!

Lighting a cone is very similar to lighting a cigar. In the cigar community the process is known as “toasting the foot.” The objective is to get the end of the cone evenly lit before you start puffing. This step is CRUCIAL to ensure an even burning cone so TAKE YOUR TIME!

Hold the tip of your cone about 1/4″ away from the middle part of the lighter flame and constantly rotate it so the flame is evenly applied to all areas of the tip. Continue this process until the red hot “cherry” is evenly distributed throughout the entire tip before puffing. This process can take a while, up to a few minutes, but it is well worth the wait! 

This video does a decent job describing/illustrating the process.

3). Take lonnnng shallow puffs

Take longer shallow puffs opposed to quick deep puffs. Longer slower puffs greatly increase the likelihood that the air will flow through the cone with laminar flow. Deep quick puffs almost guarantee the air will flow through the cone with turbulent flow. Turbulent flow will quickly exploit the path of least resistance and cause “canoeing.” An added benefit of taking longer shallow puffs is that you usually can get a few extra puffs from your cone.

The above is a rough guide. We are putting the finishing touches on our comprehensive guide to creating an even burning pre-roll. If you’d like to be alerted when the comprehensive guide is completed click here.